Are you ready to learn???

Hey yall, I know its been ages as my daughter would say since my last post. To be honest my twins started preschool last month and its been a big adjustment. For me, not for them. They absolutely love it! I’ve been trying to adjust our old schedule to fit this new stage in life and its been tough to say the least. My experience as a mom is every time I think I’ve master a stage my kids, and God laugh and switch to the next chapter. I guess as a mom you have to be a Jack of all trades, master of none in order to survive. Enough of the back story, this week I wanted to write about a free program a friend told me about when my twins were 2. Its called Ready-to-learn.

Ready-to-Learn is a program for children 18 months to five (By August 31 of that year). They have centers located in eleven elementary schools throughout Wake County. Their website states that the goals of the program are to encourage the healthy development and educational success of all participating children and to increase the capacity of families to serve as the primary nurturers, teachers and advocates for their children.  To achieve this through child developmental play groups, developmental screenings, parent education, and referrals to community programs and agencies.

My family has been apart of this program for years and I personally can say this program is much more. From my experience, they have helped me navigate the school system, difficult times with my kids and much more. If you’re looking for something to do with your little ones during the day I  highly recommend you check them out. The developmental play groups are awesome especially with fine motor skills.


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2 thoughts on “Are you ready to learn???

  1. Mary says:

    Great read

    1. mary small says:

      Another informative post. This girl is on fire!

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