The Chocolate Factory of Book stores

The other week the pack and I headed to marbles. As I parked my trendy minivan (LOL), a light bulb went off in my head; ” like hey why not check out that new children’s book and art shop before Marbles. So, as a mom I’m very flexible with our plans, because that guy Murphy last name Law will throw a wrench in your plans quick when you have three little ones. So, that’s what we did since its a block from Marbles.

When I walked in I was blown away at how cute it was. They had so many different selections for little readers. It reminded me of the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory; you know the scene when all the kids are walking through the factory and were looking at all the different styles of candy? Yeah, just like that.  This place has a very intimate setting but they do have a wide variety to choose from. Just replace candy with books and there you have it. Now, it wasn’t the easiest transition because my son thought we were going straight to marbles. But, as soon as the owner began to read he became a happy camper. He also fell in love with the 3D books.

Now my daughter on the other hand ate it up. She loved the whole set up anything creative she’s all in. The great thing about our visit was it was sponsored by Carolina Nanny Match, and they paid for us to do a craft after story time. Otherwise it would have been $5. The craft was related to the books that we read during story time. Not sure if that’s the case all the time

I highly recommend you check this place out. They have a lot to choose from like writing workshops, cartooning class, story time, summer camps, and most importantly the diverse children book selection.

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  1. I love you so much & the way you’re raising my grandkids and all the new things you introduce to them it enhance the things they all ready! So proud of you and my sweet grands


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