Unicorn of Raleigh

This week the gang and I checked out snicker doodle creative play space and café. Well, if the name doesn’t give it away; its a café with a play area designed for children 6 months to 6 years old . Now you guys don’t understand how excited I was to visit this place. Between my new found love affair with coffee, it being owned by two LOCAL MOMS, and its FREE; my mind was blown. I mean it was like I found the unicorn of play areas. So, you know I was all in. I had to check out this miniature Marbles.

Boy was I right it was a more intimate Marbles, but it had the same amount of kids they have at Marbles. I’m exaggerating, but there were a lot of children in that small space. It was  a little overwhelming.  Now in Snicker Doodle’s defense they did have a celebrity stop by, “Superman”. He shook hands with all the little people and parents were allowed to take pictures with their phones. My kids loved shaking superman’s hand, but I didn’t take a picture. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed. I asked a few other parents about the event and they said they paid $5 which included a juice box, 1 slice of pizza and a picture with superman. I wanted to ask the owners, but they seemed really busy with the event. I went online and couldn’t find any information about the event.

Before visiting I totally envisioned myself relaxing with a nice cup of locally roasted coffee, eating a pastry but that wasn’t my experience at all. It was total chaos. Have you ever been to Marbles and its like 98 different field trip groups there? Well that’s how I felt. Kids were everywhere not that my children minded at all. They had such a great time.I know you’re wondering if I will ever return to the scene of the crime and I would have to say yes. I’m a sucker for entrepreneurs and I just love the concept. Plus, I know my daughter would love the messy art studio  The messy art studio is in the back separate from the creative play space. For $5 children get a smock, unlimited paper, paint, and painting tools. If your child wanted something more challenging they have other options like wooden trains, dinosaurs, ceramic tiles, and canvases for an additional fee.

I do recommend you check this place out for yourself and let me know your experience. I know I’ll be returning to see if its a different atmosphere without superman.


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2 thoughts on “Unicorn of Raleigh

  1. Valerie Bullock says:

    You are a great mom!

  2. Mary Small says:

    Sounds like a hip spot

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