Christmas in July

Ok, Ladies and Gents you officially have 5 months until Christmas. I know you’re thinking that’s a month of Sundays away, but hey I’m a planner, but I promise you it will sneak up on you. Which, got me thinking about ways to save for the holidays. In the Hill house we use the rule of thumb something you read, need and want. That works for us because our twins birthday are 2 days before Christmas. But hey some people have very large families, and some families go all out; to each its own. Needless to say, people are always looking for money saving tips. First, I would recommend registering for to see exactly where every penny is going. That website will put every cent you spend into a category. It’s a GREAT budgeting tool. Now, here are a few things that helped me.

Cutting the traditional cable/satellite TV, but if you’re not interested in going cold turkey you can try live streaming. There are a lot of options out there as long as you have a good internet package like slingtv, or PlayStation Vue. They offer packages starting as low as $20 a month. We cut cable last year and I don’t miss it at all. Granted, I’m not a big TV person but my husband is. If he gave it two thumbs up I’m sure 85% of you all will like it. When people are over they cant tell the difference. For local channels you can always purchase a good old fashion antenna. I know you’re thinking channels will be fussy but NOT AT ALL. Antennas have come a long way. I purchased one from Best Buy for $14 and the other one from Ross Dress for Less for $10 and both have great HD picture. If you’re not comfortable with live streaming, or the antenna movement look at your current package. Always call and see if they have any specials. Maybe even cut the premium channels like HBO, STARZ, Showtime etc.. You can always purchase a Amazon Firestick or FireTv they will run you about $40, and they are well worth the $40. You can unlock it yourself. I don’t recommend paying someone to do it for you. There are a million tutorials on YouTube. It takes about 15minutes to program.

If you’re purchasing coffee everyday maybe start making coffee at home. I know for me with baby number 3 I need that 1 cup to get me thru the day and those $3 iced coffee’s started adding up. So, I invested in a single serving coffee maker from Family Dollar for $10. They also carry pretty good flavor coffee for a reasonable price.

If you have the money, but have a hard time saving look into opening up a Holiday Cash club, or a Christmas club account through your local bank or credit union. Some accounts accrue interest and some don’t, it depends on your bank. But they all work the same the bank will withdraw whatever amount of money you want on a certain day of each month, and put it in a separate account until October or November. After that they will deposit or write you a check for the entire amount.

I hope these few tips were helpful. Please let me know what tips help you save money.

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