Just in Case trunk

If Lily Bobtail from Peter Rabbit has a just in case pocket, and she’s always prepared; hey, maybe I need one. Now, I cant commit to pockets, but I sure can make my trunk a just in case trunk.  I always keep a change of clothes in my trunk for each kid, because you never know what a day with a toddler has in store. My twins have lost too many battles with the sandbox, or the water fountain trying to make a sand castle.

Now brace yourself, I keep a potty in my trunk. I know you’re thinking pee yew, but there’s no odor and its only for #1 and I wash it.  My twins are fully potty trained, but its been too many time we get somewhere and they have the nastiest bathroom. Be mindful I have 3 children, and its really hard trying to hold a heavy 16 month old while trying to clean, line, and gently placing my toddler on the toilet in those small restroom. I always walk out looking like I just left a sauna. So, I decided to cut out the middle man, and pregame in the car before we get out LOL. I’m not saying we never use public restrooms because its been plenty of times I ask if anybody has to use the bathroom before we get out, and I get OH NO and 10 minutes later somebody has to use the restroom.

I also keep a few play toys like bubbles and a soccer ball, and for my Achilles heel “THE WRETCHED SANDBOX” I keep a few buckets and shovels. Now, I have a small toy clutch with miniature toys like those Thomas the train minis and shopkins like toys. The toy clutch is strictly for an office setting not for the playground. My phone has gone dead too many times, and I have to channel my inner Beyoncé of toddler songs to entertain my kids.

Since we’re outside a lot I keep a bottle of sunscreen also. When I open the trunk to get out toys I just spray the kids down. Oh, don’t let me forget about their snack cups and water bottles. We don’t do vending machines at all. My twins are really picky eaters, so I decided to take the guessing out of if they will eat a $1.25 snack that’s only worth $.50 from the vending machine, therefore I always carry a snack bag. No individual snacks; I buy in bulk and put them in zip loc bags. So, when they start asking for those $1.25 snacks I crack open my bag of goodies and pour a snack into their cups. Hey I know they will like it. Now like Capital One slogan “what’s in your trunk”?

**Trunk has to be updated each season**

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