Eastgate park

Summers in Raleigh are pretty toasty, so this shaded outdoor gated park with a rubber surface is the ultimate treasure with little ones. Eastgate Park has so many options, so if its not a playground type of day you can always bring your own ball and head over to the outdoor basketball court or soccer field. I always keep a ball in my trunk just incase.

Now, back to the playground. They have 2 playgrounds one for ages 2-5 equip with 2 baby swings and a Sand Pit. If you know me, sand pits are my least favorite thing at playgrounds, but I always keep sand toys in my trunk. It’s not a beach spread; just a few buckets, and 3 scoopers that came in a Christmas popcorn tin. You’re probably thinking why 3 scoopers? Well, my friend, sharing is caring. The scoopers seem to be a big hit with the kids, so having an extra one cuts down on disagreements between the kids.

The other playground is for ages 5- 12. Its pretty cool but be careful because one time I wasn’t paying attention, and hit my head so hard on the monkey bar thing I wanted to cry. Its funny now but man I was truly injured- knot and all. I remember a random lady coming over and said “Are you OK?” I put on my Dory face and kept swimming and said HAHA I’m fine. Behind that HAHA only God knows at that moment I wanted to switch bodies with one of my 4 year old twins to say NO, I’m not ok. I’m not an outside person, and probably added fillers for every challenge my kids threw my way that morning and ended with a loud scream “I just wanna go home and watch netflix and chill” to make it dramatic. I mean isn’t that what toddlers do? LOL. Oh to be young when you could just get it off your chest and show raw emotions, and it be socially acceptable no matter how right or wrong it was because people didn’t expect you to be emotionally mature yet. Needless to say, I guess its really for 12 and under. Moral of this story it might be a good idea to follow the sign. They also have to big kid swings as well.

This place is definitely a MUST try park if you are in Raleigh. I wasn’t sure if they had restrooms, so I called to confirm since I’ve never used them. I was advised they do. Either way I keep a potty in my trunk incase of emergencies. I started doing this back when I started potty training. My kids are fully potty trained and never ever have accidents. Its been to many times I ask my kids before we leave do you have to use the bathroom, and they look at me with those big innocent eyes and say, no I’m positive I don’t have to go. We get to our destination and as soon as I open their door I hear Mommy I have to use the bathroom. I’m a little picky about public restrooms since one twin is a girl.

I hope you find this post helpful and amusing. I can already say it helped me realized I have a just in case trunk like Lily Bobtail from Peter Rabbit. lol. If you get a chance to check this place out please keep me posted and let me know how you like this place. I think you will love it.


Eastgate Park: 4200 Quail Hollow Drive Raleigh, NC 27609


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